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This track is also self explanatory, the track is about the devil (lucifer); I strongly believe that if not an actual figure then evil spirits surround us, and sometimes they enter our lives in order to f**k it up, but in this song I'm basically telling 'LUCIFER' to stay away, because I know his or her game. ALSO GOT MY MANS BUSTER ON THE TRACK BIG UPS.


VERSE 1 (Marty):
Lately all I've been wanting to do is get away/ and smoke a doob too/ set out what I'm gonna do/ vision what I will do to the earth/ shouldn't of let the birth occur/ rah/ now he's going at it/ like he never needed practice/ tryna make his life cinematic/ needed practice/ still needing practice/ to be honest/ If I'm honest/ where's the honesty?/ fuck/ possibly lost in me/ who's looking out for me?/ who's out for me?/ and I know you doubting me/ but/ there's no buts/ stuck in ruck/ but I still know what's up/ no I don't/ and I wont/ ever see the light/ I'll never see the light/ and neither will you/ I guess we'll see the light/ when we see the light/ coz then we'll know it's right/ right/ and on my death bed/ I hope I just forget it/ all/ and I hope I don't regret this life/ I hope I just lived my life/ to the fullest that I possibly could/ but them bullets coming my way/ and goddamn they do spray ay/ shout out to my Canadian yutes/ if you're here to recruit/ then I solute/ I fit the boots/ it's living proof/ I got the juice

CHORUS (Marty):
Lucifer/ lucifer/ don't come around here/ don't come around here/ stay clear/ stay clear/ said don't come near you hear

VERSE 2 (Buster):
Fuck what you saying doe?/ surrounded by the alien crow/ lucid dreaming on you hoe/ imma need that divva doe/ I pull up you bit**es like skr skr/ word to Lorenzo I will get you hurt hurt/ fifty milligrams of that fucking dirt dirt/ adderall got you waved/ you might as well surf surf/ smoking on these cigarettes/ feeling like Kurt Kurt/ will I die at twenty-seven?/ man I don't know though/ I'm just flirting with the idea/ I'm not in space/ man I'm here/ I'm not playing no mamma mia/ white socks with the vans/ double-cup with the xans/ wanna fuck with the plan/ you can't roll with the gang/ crushing crow with my hand/ put your hand on my gang/ hey what you got a tan/ It's about your mind/ not the fans/ elevate knowledge/ learn the lands


from Three L's EP, track released June 25, 2016
Shouts out to Jack (the guitarist in Baja) for the production, very smooth.



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Marty London, UK

I'm from North London.

I've been rapping for about two and a half years now and I've been singing all my life.

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