Three L's EP

by Marty

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I made this ep when I was very sad and constantly down on life.
I was asking myself a lot of relevant questions but couldn't find the answer; and this made me even sadder. I am more content now but still this life has a brother down man lol but yh I guess ignorance is bliss so I should stop being such a deep thinking cunt and focus on other things, ENJOY:)) also featuring my boy Buster :)))


released June 25, 2016

credits to BERESSI AND JACKSON, the producers on the ep.



all rights reserved


Marty London, UK

I'm from North London.

I've been rapping for about two and a half years now and I've been singing all my life.

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Track Name: LATELY
Lately I've been smoking bare weed/ every night/ visualize/ then I write/ my dreams they come to life/ all I really care about nowadays is getting some pay/ and making a name/ work for my team/ so they getting some pay/ and that means my whole team/ no need to go through the names/ catch me riding round my side of town/ North London/ or I might be in the east/ with my east peeps/ blowing on some strong cheese/ good times and live free/ uh

And lately I've been all alone in my bed/ and I'm zoned as shit/ birds flying in my head/ Someone woke up the dead/ here to put em back to bed/ someone hoping for my death/ but/ naa I ain't gone die/yeah I'm just gon' fly/ lately asking why/with my forth eye/ head up to the sky/ am I moving wrong/ am I moving right/ just progress/ and move past the sky/ the mentality I take/ lately when I wake/ say to myself this worlds mine to take/ watch out for reminder/ this your last reminder/ and got an ep coming soon/ PRAY IT BLOOMS
Track Name: LONER
Everyone tryna fit in/ I'm just tryna be me/ I'm just tryna be free/ I'm just hoping that we/ get somewhere in these times/ hope that they give us signs/ pray that they stop the lies / please open up your mind/ you'll never what you'll find/ it is really divine/ or does it screw with your mind/ I don't know/ anymore/ I'm just bored/ what's the score?/ we'll never know where we lie/ constantly being told lies/ and I'm just here asking why/ why/ permanently dark stays the sky

yo im never late when its time to rhyme/ better move when its time to shine/ I go so hard/ I go so fine/ I go sick/ this shits so lit/ cant remember these good old memories/ coz they're clouded with bad old memories/these bad old memories put me in the cemetery/ six feat under/ whats ur number/ coz i need someone to talk to about these bad habits/ acctually fuck u/ if I want it/ then i'll have it/ yeah ill grab it/ and I wont let go/ worlds tryna take me under/ tryna stay afloat/ tryna stay in-control/ despite all this shit happening around me im glad that i just awoke/ and said no
VERSE 1 (Marty):
Lately all I've been wanting to do is get away/ and smoke a doob too/ set out what I'm gonna do/ vision what I will do to the earth/ shouldn't of let the birth occur/ rah/ now he's going at it/ like he never needed practice/ tryna make his life cinematic/ needed practice/ still needing practice/ to be honest/ If I'm honest/ where's the honesty?/ fuck/ possibly lost in me/ who's looking out for me?/ who's out for me?/ and I know you doubting me/ but/ there's no buts/ stuck in ruck/ but I still know what's up/ no I don't/ and I wont/ ever see the light/ I'll never see the light/ and neither will you/ I guess we'll see the light/ when we see the light/ coz then we'll know it's right/ right/ and on my death bed/ I hope I just forget it/ all/ and I hope I don't regret this life/ I hope I just lived my life/ to the fullest that I possibly could/ but them bullets coming my way/ and goddamn they do spray ay/ shout out to my Canadian yutes/ if you're here to recruit/ then I solute/ I fit the boots/ it's living proof/ I got the juice

CHORUS (Marty):
Lucifer/ lucifer/ don't come around here/ don't come around here/ stay clear/ stay clear/ said don't come near you hear

VERSE 2 (Buster):
Fuck what you saying doe?/ surrounded by the alien crow/ lucid dreaming on you hoe/ imma need that divva doe/ I pull up you bit**es like skr skr/ word to Lorenzo I will get you hurt hurt/ fifty milligrams of that fucking dirt dirt/ adderall got you waved/ you might as well surf surf/ smoking on these cigarettes/ feeling like Kurt Kurt/ will I die at twenty-seven?/ man I don't know though/ I'm just flirting with the idea/ I'm not in space/ man I'm here/ I'm not playing no mamma mia/ white socks with the vans/ double-cup with the xans/ wanna fuck with the plan/ you can't roll with the gang/ crushing crow with my hand/ put your hand on my gang/ hey what you got a tan/ It's about your mind/ not the fans/ elevate knowledge/ learn the lands